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Castle Source Code
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Castle is a modernized rewrite of the "Castle Adventure" game from 1984.

The original Castle Adventure

The Castle Adventure was written by Kevin Bales who released it as shareware. Unfortunately the BASIC source code of the Castle Adventure was never released. The game works in full screen mode without graphics. Instead of graphics the PC character set is used to simulate graphics. There are no colors except black and white. The man is moved through the castle using the cursor keys. Like in text adventure games simple two word commands are also accepted.

The gameplay as explained in the Castle Adventure

You are trapped in a deserted Castle and you must escape. It is rumored that the castle is full of treasures. Can you find them all? Use the cursor keypad to move your man around the rooms. To pick up a visible item, just run into it. To pick up an item not displayed on the screen, use the command GET. To attack monsters just run into them, but only if you have a weapon. The computer accepts most two word commands. There are 83 rooms & 13 treasures. To see the High Score , look at the wall in the courtyard.


Although Castle is inspired by the Castle Adventure there are some differences. Castle runs in a window and uses colored icons instead of black and white character graphic.

Additionally to the cursor move commands it is also possible to move the adventurer with mouse clicks. Instead of the command interface of the original game the following command icons can be used:
take   drop   look   use   load   save   exit  
The monsters are more peaceful than in the original: They move only when the adventurer moves. Besides this differences the layout of the rooms and the logic of the game is the same as in the original.

Welcome screen

In the garden

In a trap

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