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Sydir7 Source Code
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Sydir7 syncronizes directory trees. This is done from a source towards a destination. Older destination files are overwritten by newer source files. A destination file remains unchanged when it is newer than the source file.


Sydir7 can be called from a command window with:

sydir7 source destination

Operation method

Sydir7 walks along the souce and destination trees. When a file is missing in the destination, it is copied from the source. When a file is missing in the source nothing is done. When a destination file is older than the source it is updated. Newer destination files are left unchanged. When a destination file is newer but identical to the source file, the time of the destination file is corrected.


Sydir7 is written in the Seed7 programming language and can be downloaded as part of the Seed7 package. To use sydir7 it is necessary to compile the Seed7 interpreter. Afterwards Sydir7 can be started from the directory 'seed7/prg' with:

s7 sydir7

Sydir7 can be also compiled with:

s7c sydir7

This creates an executable which can be used without the 's7' interpreter.

Write usage

Synchronize to USB stick (begin)

Synchronize to USB stick (end)

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