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Lander Source Code
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Lander is a classic lunar lander program with 2 dimensional graphic. The object is to successfully land the space-craft on the landing pad. This is done by changing the rocket thrust and direction using the four cursor keys.

cursor up    Increases the rocket thrust.
cursor down    Decreases rocket thrust.
cursor right    Tilts the rocket to the right.
cursor left    Tilts the rocket to the left.

To do a good landing the fall rate must be less than or equal 15. Your score depends on the fuel left. When your score reaches 100 you become an advanced lander. As advanced lander you need to maneuver the lander through a line of yellow dots, with a fall rate less than or equal 10. You will end the landing in advanced-lander mode. The landing view will be enlarged to allow you to make a precision landing. Your final fall rate must be less than or equal 5.


Over the mountain

Advanced lander

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