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Ftpserv Source Code
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Ftpserv is a simple FTP server. FTP is the Internet standard File Transfer Protocol. The FTP protocol can be used to transfer files to and from a remote network site. Additionally it allows also to obtain information from the remote computer and to perform several maintenance tasks.

The following FTP commands are supported by ftpserv:

USER    Username
PASS    Password
SYST    Write the name of the operating system
FEAT    List the FTP features supported
PASV    Enter passive mode
PORT    Open port in active mode
LIST    List files (with details)
NLST    List file names
MLSD    List the contents of a directory
MLST    Provides data about the object named
RETR    Retrieve a file (from remote)
STOR    Store a file (to remote)
DELE    Delete file
SIZE    Determine file size
MDTM    Modification time of a file
CWD    Change working directory
CDUP    Change working directory upwards
PWD    Print current working directory
MKD    Make directory
RMD    Remove directory
RNFR    Rename from (must be followed by RNTO)
RNTO    Rename to (following RNFR)
TYPE    Set the transfer type (ASCII/Binary)
MODE    Set the transfer mode (Stream, Block, or Compressed)
STRU    Set file transfer structure
QUIT    Disconnect

Starting ftpserv

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