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Tar7 Source Code
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Tar7 is the Seed7 version of the tar archiving utility.

Tar7 stores and extracts files to and from tar archive files. The extension .tar is used for tar archive files. The extensions .tgz and .tar.gz are used when a tar archive file is compressed with gzip.

usage: tar7 command{modifier} argument

The following commands are supported by tar7 (one of the commands -c, -t or -x must be specified):

-t    Tell about the contents of an archive
-x    Extract files from an archive
-c    Create a new archive

The commands can be altered with the following modifiers:

v    Verbosely list files processed
z    Zip respectively unzip an archive
f    Use archive file provided as argument (the modifier f must be specified)

Example of a tar7 usage:

s7 tar7 -tvzf ../../seed7_05_20100221.tgz

Starting Tar7

List content of Seed7 archive (begin)

List content of Seed7 archive (end)

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